Orlando is a Unique City

We have millions of visitors and residents. We’ve built a renowned reputation for the best theme parks in the world and our visitors love us for it. Our residents know that our city is so much more than our theme parks. There is a growing awareness that the City of Orlando is establishing a new identity for itself. The Amway Arena, Dr. Phillips Center, City Soccer, our burgeoning culinary scene, the technology industry. We are building a reputation as a uniquely accessible creative city and our residents are excited about it. That’s what this project is about.

Orlando is a vibrant, creative
city to live and work in.

Our goal is to solidify the City’s vision and help residents unite around this new growing identity.

Creating an experience where people can see this vision in real life... It becomes real. What was once an idea of an identity can now be a reality for us all to enjoy.

We give you, The Cube.

The Vision:
Ascend Studios is proud to work on behalf of the City of Orlando to create a massive, 2 story tall, hovering, multimedia LED cube. The Cube will become a digital canvas downtown. Many large cities such as Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles have large scale digital art installations. It’s time for Orlando to create our own and make our mark in the art world. We want the city to reflect the wide array of the creative minds that Orlando is so proud to have: Disney Imagineers, Universal Creative, Orlando Tech, EA Games, Full Sail, UCF, and independent artists of all kinds, Actors, Musicians, Film Makers and Chefs.


The Design:

theCube is a huge, 25ft by 25ft LED cube that is hovering 18ft in the air that displays art work sourced by both Orlando and worldwide artists. We have designed theCube to look unlike any other install anywhere in the world. theCube will become a defining part of not only the arts community, but for Orlando as a whole.theCube will be installed within the open space on the corner of Orange Ave. & Pine Street. It has three massive LED video walls: one that faces Orange Ave, one that faces Pine Street, and one on the bottom of theCube. Viewers under theCube will be able to look up to see the dynamic art or look below to view the art on the reflective surface.

Interactive Demo

Right click & open Cube.app

Unzip Entire Folder / Open Cube_Windows.exe

cube banner
cube banner


We’ll be creating a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) to manage our art and tech initiative, called Art³. theCube is just the beginning for Art³. As the initial and primary install, theCube will be funding Art³’s initiative to unify the City of Orlando through art. While there will be no advertisements allowed on theCube, the content will be sponsored by local businesses and events. The money raised through these sponsorships will go towards maintenance of the cube. At the end of each year, we’ll evaluate the financial status of Art³, and any extra funds will be used to create additional digital art pieces, light sculptures, and interactive experiences in the Orlando community.
To help support Art³, we won’t be relying on sponsorships alone. We’ll be opening an online gift shop (and maybe an occasional pop-up shop!) for theCube that will sell prints and swag of the art that’s been displayed. 80% of the profits from sales will go to the artist. The remaining profits will contribute to future projects in Orlando.

This Art³ initiative will fill our city with art for the generations, making Orlando a cornerstone for digital art, light sculptures, and interactive experiences that will fuel the city’s growth. We hope that you’ll be a part of it.

Main Office
615 Herndon Ave, Suite A
Orlando, FL 32803
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