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We’re into design...

… like really, really into design.

It’s a pretty important part of all the cool stuff we do. And like with most things we do, we do it a little bit differently than everybody else. We’re not just a team of engineers and programmers. We’re creative and artistic. We value aesthetics as much as function.

We started out as a design/ build company, working with some really awesome clients on some pretty amazing projects. They would bring us onboard right from the beginning at the conceptual phase, and we would work with them exclusively from design to install, all the way through to the grand opening. (Of course, we stick around for service and support for years after, but that’s a different story… click here) This gives us a pretty unique perspective when it comes to implementing designs. Simply put, we know what works, and we know what doesn’t.

Of course, we didn’t always get brought in at the very beginning of a project. We’ve been brought in late and handed a design from another company with the client asking us, “Can you make this cool?”

It didn’t take long for us to realize that a lot of the designs we were seeing, were really lacking a creative drive. Sure the systems worked, but often only by minimal margins. That just isn’t us. That isn’t Ascend.

So, we decided to offer our exclusive design services separate from our installation services.

Here's how it works:


We go over the project and talk about everything.


This is the first step. We fly out and meet with the client to discuss the vision of the project. What is the feel that they want to impart on their guests. What is the impact and experience for the project all about? Then our team takes these abstract ideas and creates a system plan using technology that can help make these ideas and feelings tangible.  

We don’t just talk about the concepts. We talk about everything from feelings to budgets. This way we can get a clear idea of everything from what the client wants, to how much they can spend, all the way to how they expect it to work once it’s all finished.


We go over the nitty gritty details and come up with a design.


This is when our team nerds out. We create a set of technical drawings along with beautiful renders that show exactly what the end result will be. We use AutoCad and Revit to create the technical documents with the system design drawn out in explicit details. We create equipment schedules and cut sheets. Then we link up with all of the other design trades from the electrical engineer to the architect, and we make sure that our designs are matching up and being properly coordinated together. The last thing we want is plumbing to be installed where the video wall is supposed to be!

Then we package it all up and give it to the client to be delivered as part of their RFP. Of course, once the project goes out to bid, our team helps answer all of the RFI’s that come back and help clear up any confusion from the bidding vendors


We help the client sort through all of the vendors and pick a qualified company.


Once our designs have been approved and packaged up, we work with the client throughout the bidding process. We help evaluate potential vendors and make sure that they’re up to our rigorous standards. We want to make sure that the vendor being selected can do their part to bring the project to life.

So in order to help our client make an informed decision, we’ll determine our top three picks and submit those along with our thoughts on each. This way the client is only choosing between high quality vendors that are within the allocated budget and have the means to accomplish the project.


We’re like your personal inspectors; making sure the project gets done… the right way!


Typically, we set up five inspections at different stages of the project’s completion. (Of course, this may change depending on the size and complexity of a project) During each inspection we give the vendor a punch list of any items that need attention, so that they can be addressed before the next phase of the project. Once the project is at 100% we create a final punch list for the vendor for any open items found. Once all of these have been addressed, we come out for one more final visit and sign off on the project.

Once the right vendor has been selected, we work really closely with them on behalf of the client to ensure that schedules and deadlines are met. We know; things change. That’s the nature of construction. So, we work to keep the client informed of the changes and make sure that the vendor is handling these changes efficiently and economically.

We set-up milestone inspections for the project. This way our team can evaluate the progress along the way. We want to make sure when we specify a cable type, that’s the cable that’s being installed, and we want to do it BEFORE the ceilings and walls are closed up. We also want to make sure that the vendor is installing the right product. Too many times, companies try to cut costs near the end of a project and put in cheap unreliable gear just to try to save a buck


Test, test, and more testing. We make sure everything is as it is supposed to be.


At the end, we follow up, and make sure that everything was done properly and to specification. We send one of our engineers out to site to do a “white glove test”. This is our final inspection. This means we test cables, connections, and system performance. We don’t sign off on the vendor’s work until we are sure that it’s perfect. Finally, we provide the client with a recommended maintenance schedules, to ensure that the system continues to work for years to come.


Consultant Package



    • Create a budget
    • Ideas
    • Options
    • Advice
    • Concerns
    • Approaches
    • Pro’s and Con’s
    • Recommendations

Architect Package

7% of Project Total

(Includes everything from Consultant Package)


    • Coordinate with trades
    • Create full drawing package including
      • Layout
      • Wiring
      • Installation
      • Equipment
    • Answer RFIs

Client’s Rep Package

12% of Project Total

(Includes everything from Consultant & Architect Packages)


      • Review proposals
      • Help select the vendors for the project


      • Create milestone inspections


    • Test everything
    • Finalize System


If your pricing is based on project totals, what stops you from putting in a really expensive system just so you can make more money?

This is why the planning stage is so important. If there isn’t a predetermined budget already in place, it gives us an opportunity to discuss your needs and provide options along with the ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) of each option. Then we give you a list of pros and cons for each option so that you can make an educated decision about which technology solution and budget suits your needs the best. We know that this planning stage is crucial to any project and that’s part of why we decided to offer this consulting service a la carte. That way you can educate yourself and determine what budget fits your needs without any obligations to use us as your design, management, or installation team.

What if I decide to upgrade from one package to another?

No problem. We’ll roll the two packages into one and charge the difference.

What if after the designs are complete, I decide I want Ascend Studios to do the install too?

Easy Peasy. We’ll just credit the design fees towards the installation. Just like with any of our design / builds we include the design as part of our package.

Is travel included for your design engineer to visit our site location?

No. Since we don’t know whether the project is next door or in Antarctica, we’ll have to bill travel on a project to project basis.

Is it possible to have Ascend Studios take care of the programming?

Absolutely! In fact, we already offer ghost programming services to several other AV vendors. Click here for some more details.

What about HELP Desk? Can we add that in too?

Of course. One of our fundamental concepts when designing a system is the system’s serviceability. It’s critical, because we service so many clients around the world. So, we like to build remote service right into the system. And when you use our Client’s Rep package, you’ll get a discounted rate and we’ll waive the setup cost. Click here to learn more.


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