Interactive Identity Experience at Orlando’s Come Out With Pride

At Ascend, we’re all about creating an interactive experience. And this was the second year that we’ve gotten to create an experience at Orlando’s Come Out with Pride festival. With the sponsorship of our friends at Marriott Hotels, we were able to step it up to a whole different level from last year.

The basic concept was that guests would get their photo taken and displayed on a large video wall during the event. But what really happened was way cooler than that. Festival goers lined up to take part, and we’re so thrilled with the response we got!

In case you missed out this year, check out below for the deets on what went down!

The Experience

The Florida Sun, 90 degree weather, and full on glam makeup tends to not go very well together. Especially not when you’re about to take some awesome photos. So, the experience started with the pros from Mac Cosmetics touching up makeup; and even adding some extra rainbow “face paint” when they could! (And by “face paint” we mean the artists created custom rainbow pallets made up of Mac products. It was superĀ cool.)

From there, guests would be ready for their photo. But now, they needed to choose a background. And we had 15 of them. It wasn’t quite as simple as a blue background or a green one. Our backgrounds were based off of identity.

The backgrounds themselves are created entirely from light. We programmed LED lights to display the flag in a single row. For example, for the rainbow flag our light stick would show a section for each red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Interchangeable light backgrounds are cool for sure, and having the light display a flag behind the subject would be cool as well, but we took it one step further. Our team designed a motorized rig that would spin the light stick at an adjustable amount of RPMs. After a lot of testing with each of the flags we found the most suitable rotation speed for each and we were good to go.

The key to the experience was to have the subject stay as still as possible. Any movement would create a blur in the photo.

Once the photo was captured, it was displayed on a video wall flying at 10′ in the air.

The Results

Celebrating each person’s individuality in the form of an ultra cool photo? Yes, please. The results were stunning, and the response we got from participants was amazing. Thank you to everyone who participated! We’re looking forward to making an even bigger and better experience next year.

Below are a handful of the photos for your viewing pleasure!


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