Hotel Lobby LCD Video Wall
Hotel Lobby LCD Video Wall
Hotel Lobby LCD Video Wall
Hotel Lobby LCD Video Wall


Through a vendor partnership, Ascend Studios had the opportunity to design and install a video wall installation within the picturesque Four Seasons resort, Jackson Hole, located in Wyoming.

The video wall was installed within the hotel lobby, behind the front desk. The video wall included four Samsung 55” LED video wall displays installed to appear seamlessly as one giant video display.

The video wall is connected to an HD, full pan/tilt all weather camera that was installed on the outside wall of the hotel. Our design team created multiple camera preset angles that capture the breath-taking outdoor views of the world class ski resort and display the images inside, live, right behind the front desk. We also created multiple HD media shows that are used to promote hotel actives such as trail riding, hiking, and of course skiing.

The hotel employees control the video wall and the live camera positions with an Apple iPad. The video wall is powered by a Mac Mini to manage all media files and allow our 24/7 help desk team to support the system from our headquarters in Orlando, FL.


  • Four 1920×1080 HD video wall panels
  • LIVE 1080p PTZ camera feed of the world class ski resort
  • Custom camera angle presets of the great outdoors
  • Included custom HD video promotions for hiking, riding, and skiing
  • Custom themed iPad app for system control
  • Free 24/7 Ascend Studios helpdesk app access and support

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