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Resort Pool Audio System

Project Features

  • Powerful DSP system with custom programming
  • Full range landscape speakers and subwoofers
  • Independently controlled audio zones
  • Wall mounted volume and source selectors
  • Portable DJ system
  • Easy to use volume and source selection
  • Free 24/7 Ascend Studios helpdesk app access and support

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This installation provided full focused audio coverage of the Hotel’s entire pool area with equipment that was unobtrusive and produced a superior quality audio fidelity experience. This was delivered via Sonance outdoor speaker systems. The satellite speakers are highly directional and allowed our team to focus the audio all around the pool gathering areas while minimizing audio bleed over into other areas of the resort. These speakers have a low footprint and blended perfectly into the existing hotel landscape.

Another integral part of this audio design revolved around three sub woofers that were installed underground with only a small, mushroom-like opening extending above the soil. These allow extremely low frequencies to resonate through the earth around the speaker for an effect that surrounds the listener with a rich immersing low end counterpoint. This system is powered by a custom Crown amplifier with audio DSP settings designed specifically for Sonance speakers.

We also included a DSP processor that allowed our team to preset and lock in maximum levels for Equalizer, volume, and gain. This processor improves the sound quality of the system while preventing blown or damaged speakers. Resort employees can choose to play audio sources interchangeably from multiple media options such as an iPod or satellite box. The hotel was divided into three separate audio zones ( cafe, pool bar and main pool area), each with its own wall-mounted volume controller, allowing resort employees full volume control to adjust for changing conditions or crowd levels.

The system was designed to allow our 24/7 help desk team to have direct, remote access to support the hotel in the event of an audio issue. This allows us to troubleshoot any issue in minutes instead of hours or days.

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