Hotel AV Control System
Hotel AV Control System
Hotel AV Control System
Hotel AV Control System
Hotel AV Control System
Hotel AV Control System
Hotel Video Wall Control System
Hotel Video Wall Control System
Restaurant AV Control System
Restaurant AV Control System
Restaurant AV Control System
Restaurant AV System Control
Hotel AV System Control


Our coders are certified in the top programming languages with experience in a wide array of formats and industry specific protocols. Ascend Studios differs from other companies in the industry by providing next level custom programming configurations and designs. We work hard to ensure that every AV system can be an amazing, feature heavy experience for our clients.

Programming can be a headache; let us handle it for you. Our programmers are inspired by clean, simplistic interfaces popularized by companies like Apple. We strive to create interfaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and user intuitive. The other guys will make you navigate endless menu bars and sit through training sessions just to operate your new system. We believe that every interactive system should be a pleasure to use and utilize an interface that people don’t have to think about. Users should be able look at the screen and understand how the system works. If you need an instruction manual to use your touch panel, kiosk, or app, then it was designed wrong.

We provide our programming skills to clients and fellow audio video companies within the industry. Our ghost programming service is perfect for home theater companies who want to bring their high end systems to the next level. Ghost programming is also ideal for professional integration companies who don’t want to hire a full time programmer.

Our ghost programming service operates very simply: We do the code & you look like a rock star! Our pro-rated pricing allows you to add your mark up to programming labor. Everything is confidential; the end user will never know we created the system. The entire system can be branded and themed with your client or company logos. We can also provide remote support for any of our programming solutions. We’ll log in remotely, resolve the issue, and you get all the credit!

Check out some of our design pictures!
Our team is certified in the following programming software & code languages:

  • Crestron (entire software suite)
  • Media Matrix (nWare)
  • BSS Audio (HiQnet London Architect)
  • Python
  • Ruby 
  • PHP
  • HTML 5
  • Swift (Apple iOS)


  • We’re like a ghost writer that does all the programming for you
  • We coding ninjas have years of experience working with high profile clients
  • Our programming is thoughtful, simplistic and designed for the end user
  • Each program includes a customized themed interface
  • We use pro-rated discounted pricing for other A/V companies

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Orlando, FL 32803

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