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Restaurant speaker & Audio Processor Upgrade

Project Features

  • Full integration with Hotel wide audio system
  • Powerful DSP system with custom programming
  • Full range in-ceiling speakers
  • Choices of Hotel music, jukebox, or Stage music.
  • Independently controlled audio zones
  • Wall mounted volume and source controllers
  • Free 24/7 Ascend Studios helpdesk app access and support

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Jake’s American Bar is located within Universal’s Royal Pacific Hotel. This bar is set in a tropical paradise, and our team was thrilled to help transform the atmosphere with music of the islands.

Our system designers came up with a simple, yet great sounding system. We removed all of the background speakers and replaced them with professional grade speakers that filled the entire bar and restaurant with music that the guests can feel. All of the new speakers are powered by an audio processor that created custom music zones. This allows the bar to have high volume to create that fun, upbeat party feeling while keeping the restaurant areas at lower volume. It’s a simple, yet powerful audio system; just what Jake’s wanted.

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