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Hotel AV Installation
Hotel AV Installation
Hotel AV System
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Hotel AV System Control Touch Panel
Hotel AV System Control Touch Panel
Hotel AV System Control
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Hotel AV Audio System Rack


Our team of system designers created and installed an updated audio control and management system for the entire hotel including a massive pool area, 22 ballrooms and all public areas of the hotel.

We first removed more than 50 processors, computers, mixers and hundreds of feet of wires from the original 1999 installation. We then installed our preprogrammed audio control system. We completed the entire switch over in one night to minimize any guest inconvenience. The hotel’s 153 audio zones were without music for less than three hours and live by 5am for the next days events.

We used Rane’s HAL DSP processors to provide the hotel with a fully customizable Audio / Video system that allows easy updates and scalability within their resort system. This provides system-wide audio EQ, leveling, compression, limiters as well as individual zone controls.

The entire design is controlled with an Apple iPad or with a large, Dell 22” HD touch screen that is mounted within the rack. The touch panel was designed to fit the beautiful tropical paradise theme of the Royal Pacific Resort. This was our first completely HTML 5 control system with QR code integration. This allows ballroom rental groups to have full control of their space with their phones, iPads or laptops.


  • Powerful DSP system with custom programming
  • Full range in-ceiling speakers
  • Outdoor full range garden speakers
  • QR code integration with a HTML5 based control system
  • Twenty-two independently touch and QR controlled ballrooms
  • Thirty-eight independently touch controlled hotel zones
  • Localized ballroom inputs with easy room combining
  • Pool DJ input with local touch screen controls
  • Custom themed iPad app for complete system control
  • 22″ rack mounted touch screen with custom theming
  • Easy to use volume and source selection with automatic scheduling
  • Integration with Jake’s American Bar and Restaurant
  • Computer for remote support
  • Free 24/7 Ascend Studios helpdesk app access and support

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Orlando, FL 32803

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