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Seito Sushi

Audio Video Upgrade

Project Features

  • Three 48″ LED displays
  • Works with cables boxes, bluray player and their music server
  • Full integration with the current audio system
  • Free 24/7 Ascend Studios helpdesk app access and support

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Ascend Studios has been fortunate to work with some of coolest restaurants in Orlando! Seito Sushi is a favorite of the Ascend team and is well known throughout Orlando for their delicious food. They have won tons of awards over the years and bring lots of fresh faces into the high end, Baldwin Park neighborhood.

We are so happy to be the official audio / video partner for our friends at Seito Sushi. Ascend Studios provides audio / video advice and expertise for all of Seito’s AV service and upgrades. We manage their entire audio system, including five audio zones (Dining room 1, Dinning Room 2, Bar, Restrooms and back of house). We also installed three new 48″ LED displays in the bar area. They look great in the space, check out the pictures!

The Ascend team loves Seito Sushi and you can often find us there throughout the week. If you haven’t had chance to visit Seito yet, you’re missing out! If you see an Ascend team member at Seito, say “Hi”… maybe we’ll buy you a drink.

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