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St. Rebekah Coptic Orthodox Church

HD System Update

Project Features

  • Full upgrade of existing system
  • New HD displays and Projection screens
  • New Custom Branded Touchpanel Interfaces
  • Custom Programming and Automation
  • Full control of audio sources and volume levels
  • Full control of microphone levels
  • Full control of video sources and video routing
  • Full live-stream broadcast solution
  • Powerful Audio DSP system
  • Easy Maintenance and Repair
  • Premium 24/7 HelpDesk Partner

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Ascend Studios is proud to have the opportunity to work on an exciting project with our friends at St. Rebekah Coptic Orthodox Church. Our team worked with the St. Rebekah team to fully update their outdated system, adding modern capabilities and functionalities.

Our team installed several new high definition displays and upgraded the video distribution hardware, providing every projector or display with an HD video signal.  Our team also replaced the existing projection screens with new ambient light rejecting screens, providing a vivid and clear picture.

Our team designed and programmed three custom branded touchpanel interfaces for the St. Rebekah team to control their system. Two of the touchpanels are iPad based, enabling the St. Rebekah team to adjust the system from anywhere within wifi range.

The touchpanel interfaces enable the St. Rebekah team to easily change the video source for any display or projector as well as turn any display or projector (or projection screen) on or off. Additionally, the St. Rebekah team can adjust the volume levels, audio sources or mic levels throughout the entire church from the touchpanel interface.

Our team also included a full streaming solution, enabling the St. Rebekah team to stream their services live over the internet.

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