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Audio / Video System Installation

Project Features

Viena Installation

  • Large Scale Audio / Video Installation
  • Custom Branded Touchpanel interface
  • Six indoor LED displays
  • Single power button for all displays
  • Matrix video routing of 7 sources to any display
  • Individual control of 4 cable boxes
  • Powerful Audio DSP system
  • Over 20 Full Range Speakers & Subs
  • Custom Programming and Automation
  • Easy Maintenance and Repair
  • Premium 24/7 HelpDesk Partner

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Ascend Studios is proud to have the opportunity to complete an exciting project with our friends at the Viena Restaurant in the Miami International Airport.

Our team installed several 4k LED displays, a full range audio system consisting of over 20 speakers and subwoofers, a custom branded touchpanel control interface and a rack of advanced Audio / Video equipment to make it all work.

Restaurant employees can use channel presets or directly control four different cable boxes from the touchpanel. Additionally, they can turn the displays on / off, control the volume levels and adjust audio or video sources throughout the entire restaurant. We also included several digital signage players to make advertising food or drink specials quick and easy.

Viena is a premium 24/7 HelpDesk partner, our remote PC allows our team to log in to the system at any time to make adjustments or troubleshoot issues. Viena offers the best food and drinks anywhere in the Miami International Airport, stop by and check it out!

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