Corporate LED Video Wall Installation
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Corporate LED Video Wall Install
Corporate AV System Control
Corporate Cafe Menu Boards
Corporate Cafe Menu Boards
Corporate Cafe Menu Boards
Corporate Cafe Menu Boards
Corporate Cafe Menu Boards


Our team has completed multiple projects at Darden Headquarters, including a huge LED video wall! The Darden family of restaurants features some of the most recognizable and successful brands in full-service dining, with over 1700 restaurants across North America.

Darden Hall

As part of a renovation of a large meeting hall, our team installed a huge, 13′ x 6.5′ LED video wall, over 20 speakers and subwoofers, 4 wireless microphones and a rack full of advanced equipment to control it all.

The meeting hall can be split into two separate rooms, each with their own touchpanel and individual control. Audio sources and volume control are easily adjustable through our custom branded touchpanel interface.

Our team included several advanced presets that enable the Darden team to quickly select a video source for the LED wall and start the meeting. The presets will turn on the display, switch the video source and play background music; all from a single button press.

Our team included a media player with customized content playlists for each of Darden’s brands. We also included HDMI wall plates for a wired connection to the LED wall, as well as a wireless screen-sharing system, Blu-Ray Player and Cable Box.

Darden Cafe

During the Darden Cafe refresh our team installed several digital signage menu boards, an announcement board and a background music system. Each menu board has dynamic content that can be easily updated within seconds. The menu boards are fully automated and turn on and off at set times each day.

The background music system consists of several high quality speakers that are specifically programmed to sound great in the space.


Darden Cafe Installation

  • Massive 13′ x 6.5′ LED Video Wall
  • Seamless 2.6mm HD LED Tiles
  • Composed of 128 individual LED panels
  • Over 1 million individual pixels
  • Wireless HDMI Confidence Monitor
  • Powerful Audio DSP system
  • Over 20 Full Range Speakers & Subs
  • Custom Programming and Automation
  • Easy Maintenance and Repair
  • Premium 24/7 HelpDesk Partner

Darden Cafe Installation

  • Digital Signage LCD Displays
  • Menu Board System for 4 food stations
  • Menu Board Content – dynamic / easy to update
  • Automatic Content Scheduling
  • Automatic Display Power On / Shutdown
  • Background Music system for entire cafe
  • Powerful Audio DSP system
  • Custom Programming and Automation

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