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The Future Living Room

The days of big projectors and TVs are over. The tech gods have given us direct view LED screens that are the future of the living room. Back in the day, the only way to get that movie theater experience was to get a projector and make your room as dark as possible to make the image look good. Light is the enemy of the projector. Then TVs got bigger and brighter, making them a better solution than projectors, but they max out in size at 100″. So you either have a huge washed out image, or a clear image that is small. Direct view LED video walls give you the best of both worlds. They’re completely scalable, ultra bright, and ultra HD.

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Is too Epic a thing?

If you’re the type of the person who takes their entertainment seriously, then LED video walls are for you! These aren’t those “old led” found at the box stores; we’re talking about professional, high-end, direct view LED screens. These are the same custom screens Ascend has been installing within Hotels, Restaurants and Theme Parks for years. Now you can have one right in your living room, theater room or outdoor space! These screens are so bright and clear that your floor to ceiling windows can let the sun flood into your room, along with all your lights within the space turned on, and your LED screen will still look absolutely EPIC!

Inside, Outside & Any Size

The best news about Direct view LED video walls is that they’re made of small tiles that fit seamlessly together. Meaning we can design your home video wall to any size that you can dream up! We can cover your entire wall, make cool shapes, or just take your theater room to the next level. We can even custom design artistic outdoor mounts for pool LED screens – making your pool the place to party, or your kids favorite place to watch movies at night. Our displays are designed to work both inside and outside. Just imagine having your friends over, floating in your pool, watching the new movie premier that just came out on the most epic screen you’ve ever seen!

Who’s going to be the first person in your neighborhood watching the game in “EPIC MODE”?

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Refined Design & Installation

When Ascend designs and installs your new, custom home theater LED video wall, we’ll handle all of the set up for you. We work with artists, structural engineers, electricians, and programmers that will come together to build the perfect home video wall for you. You’ll have your own project manager for the video wall installation that will handle everything for you. We’ll design, build, and paint the mounts. We also program the video wall processors, program the controls on a new iPad for you, and wire it up to your system. You’ll be working with the same team that works with all of our big corporate clients for a refined installation.

Real Support & Warranties

Ascend provides a two (2) year warranty on your home theater LED video wall system, as well as a (1) year warranty on our installation. We pass along all of the manufacturer’s warranties to you. Want a longer warranty? Just let us know, we can extend the warranty up to 5 years!

If something goes wrong with your home theater LED video wall, simply reach out to our Help Desk service and we’ll work with the manufacturers on your behalf, so you’re not having to make calls and figure things out. We’re here to support you and keep your video wall working. Also! All of our LED video wall displays come with spare panels and power supplies. Got a damaged panel? We can swap out the small panel with a spare, have the damaged panel repaired, and then we return it back to you to keep in your bank of spares. Making these massive video walls ultra reliable.

Try to get that type of warranty from Amza… or those box stores…

Home LED Video Walls

We design and install LED displays all over the country with systems starting at $20,000.00. Contact us get started on your new EPIC LED video wall, you know you want too!

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