We’re more than your standard A/V company. We approach all of our projects with the goal of creating an awesome experience. We strive to make our projects a unique experience for the end consumer, and easy to use for the company staff.

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We Value


We stick with each other.

We build all of our projects to be future proof. We offer our 24/7 help desk free for installs $100,000 and up. Our phones ring to our engineers, who log into your system and troubleshoot ASAP. Time is money, but our service is free.

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Fresh perspective.

We want to create immersive experiences. We use our technical A/V knowledge to find new ways to blend art and technology. When possible, all of our installs have an innovative twist that leaves users/viewers in awe.

Immersive Experience Creators


Open and honest is the best way to be.

We value our clients and our team. Being real with each other about the good, the bad, and the ugly keeps everyone in the loop and sets realistic expectations. We’re the experts in our field. By working through concerns up front, we’re able to build a relationship with the client instead of having those issues come up later.

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Results driven.

We focus on the client experience the whole way through our project. We start with a site visit and understand what your goals for the space are then follow up with our ideas and adjust with feedback. We keep clients posted weekly during the pre-install phase and daily during the installation. Then we provide in-depth system training and, of course, provide the fastest support possible.

Tech Experience


Keep things simple, but polished.

While the end result and engineering behind it may be complex, we keep our systems as clean and simple as possible. We pay attention to the details when designing and installing. No tilted speakers, no messy wires; just simple and clean.

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We give it all that we can.

We try to get down to why our clients need our help. If they’re asking for a band-aid, we’ll do the extra legwork and suggest the best course of action. Our team cares about our projects and about our clients. And when we care about something, we treat it with as much love as possible.



We ask why not, instead of why.

We get a little out of the box sometimes. We turn things on their head just to see what happens and sometimes it’s something pretty cool. Letting our curiosity take the reins when we’re able to really drives us to some fun times and amazing opportunities.

Rock Paper Scissors


We build what you need.

Navigating our systems isn’t over complicated. The system is programmed to be easy to navigate from a single touch panel. Plus, we add in presets so clients can change their space with one simple tap.

Touch panel displaying a/v system control
Mission Statement- Immersive Experience

Our Mission

We utilize A/V technology and engineering to transform ordinary spaces around the world into unique and immersive art experiences for the community to enjoy.

At Ascend, we’re changing what a “typical” space looks like. We use our expertise to push each project further and give the end user an awe-inspiring experience. Whether that experience becomes a welcoming lobby, or an epic art piece, we strive to always do something a little bit extra.

Our Vision

To create a world that values the balance between technology and art.

We strive to reinvent environments that will inspire creatives and non-creatives alike. Technology is in its prime, and while functionality is important, we strive to focus on the beauty. We want to help our communities see what’s possible so they can innovate in their own ways.

Vision Statement- Creative Light Installation

Make an Impact.

In everything that we do, the viewer, reader, customer, user, whomever, can all get back to one key thing. Essence isn’t a tangible thing, but it’s something that is felt. Our creative impact can and should be felt by anyone interacting with us or our work.

Our Personality.

As a company, we’re eight years young. But our design-oriented, idea-driven team has been taking us to the top. Our group believes in the whole cliché “loving what you do” kind of thing. This passion helps us have fun together everyday- making work a bit more than work. We are talented in our craft, and we take the time to go the extra mile. And that makes all the difference.

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