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Video walls set your visuals apart from the rest. Whether you’re displaying your branded company content, interactive art, or the big game, people want to see it larger than life. The Best Buy 75” TV just isn’t going to cut it anymore… Let’s go epic!

LED Video Walls

LED video walls are the new standard within the video wall space. Their image is much brighter and more vivid compared to projectors or LCD video wall panels. LED video walls require less maintenance than LCD video walls. And without the lines (bezels) between the screens, viewers enjoy one massive media experience. If you’re going for a high tech, cutting-edge solution, then LED video walls are your answer.

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Pixel Pitch

Pixel Pitch defines space in between each individual LED. The higher the pixel pitch, the further away the viewer needs to be from the wall for it to appear seamless, but this also makes for a more affordable LED screen. Below are common pixel pitch sizes and a good rule of thumb for viewing distances.

LED Video Wall Pixel Pitch
Custom LCD Video Wall Installation


Although they look similar to a “normal TV”, LCD video walls contain special-made displays that have much thinner bezels than consumer displays. The bezel size depends on the make and model of the display. While LCD video walls have been more affordable in the past, LED video walls are quickly becoming price competitive. The biggest drawback to LCD is the bezels on each panel that will cause the end result to have thin black lines compared to the seamless look of LED video walls.


The configuration of a video wall is listed as number of displays wide by number of displays tall. For example, a 4×3 LCD wall is made up of 12 displays total- 4 displays across, and 3 displays tall.

LCD Video Wall Configuration


We build awesome video walls. Those video walls need amazing graphics and videos to go on them. That’s why we’ve partnered with a number of professional content creators that provide amazing content for huge companies and household names. We’re proud to be able to partner with them on creating custom content for your custom solution.

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We love creating custom video wall solutions for our clients. Let us know if you could use a custom video wall by filling out the form. We’re excited to get started on your project!

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