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What's in it for you?

  • We’ll pay you!
  • UNLIMITED vacation & sick days (we treat adults like adults, no hall pass required)
  • Regular work from home days
  • Free snacks, drinks & beer
  • Company MacBook
  • Travel to cool cities
  • In-house gaming & sound systems
  • Pet Friendly
  • The team here is the best & because of that we’re able to pull of some kick ass projects

Our Culture

We’re a group of creatives that love creating. We’re obsessed with creating beautiful things for the world to enjoy (especially if it involves tech and art). If you’re here it’s because you’re an absolute badass at what you do, so we give you the space and opportunities you need to use your badassness to the fullest.

Creative light installation

Audio Video Installation On-Site Technician


We’re looking for super cool people to help us create and service some amazing experiences for the world. We’re an audio / video design company that believes in creating experiences for people to enjoy all over the world. We work with hotels, resorts, restaurants & theme parks. We’re pretty into what we do & hopefully you are too. You can see our sweet website (that we designed & programmed in-house) for more info and pictures, www.AscendStudios.com.

We believe who a person is, is just as important as what a person can do. You can be the best programmer ever, but if you’re jerk then who cares. Once in, our team members are here to stay and that’s because we take team culture very seriously. We want everyone to love our clients and love working here.

Also, please know that we’ll only reach out to people who do well on the attached assignment. If you have not completed it, you will not be connected. (No joke).

Here’s the talent we are currently looking for: Audio Video Installation Technician

This role includes / requirements:

  • Providing such excellent service that you make each of our clients feel like rock stars.
  • Experience with troubleshooting / installing audio video systems (corporate, ballroom, interactive, and/or video wall systems).
  • Self-starter with motivation to see a service call through and provide top notch communication for the duration though texts, calls & emails.
  • We’ll need someone who can juggle multiple service tickets, client calls, and site visits.
  • Keeping service/project software suites updated & current
  • This job does require off hour and weekend responses sometimes.
  • Ability to use and follow CAD drawings and system design documents.
  • Complete understanding and ability to follow the signal flow of an AV System.
  • Conduct on-site service visits. This includes walking into an unfamiliar system, diagnosing failures, and then recommending solutions.
  • The ability to walk a remote client or technician through a series of steps to help either resolve the issue or identify potential failure points to be resolved with a site visit.
  • Experience with installing both large scale AV systems as well as LED video walls is a plus but not required.
  • Experience building/wiring AV racks.
  • Experience working and managing general contractors, electricians and technicians on-site.
  • Experience keeping things organized and on-time. Gotta have those time management skills
  • Experience creating and working with system designs and CAD drawings.

Experience with Q-SYS set up and installation (programing skills is a plus but not required)

  • Esperance with VR / Interactive systems is a plus
  • Rock start to terminating AV cables like Cat5/6, audio & video cables
  • Comfortable on a ladder, loves adventure
  • Able to travel the country & world for installations (pretty cool)
  • Looking out for both our clients and team members during a project.
  • Ability to work fast while not missing the details
  • You gotta be good because we’ll have you running multiple services at a time
  • Be on it! Providing great communication to the clients and our team members is a must
  • Be a leader, bring positivity, and new ideas to the table. Inspire others to be their best selves.
  • We want people who love a challenge & take pride in their work.

What’s in for you?

  • We’ll pay you!
  • UNLIMITED vacation & sick days (we treat adults like adults, no hall pass required)
  • Free snacks, drinks & beer
  • Company MacBook
  • Travel standards, we don’t go cheap on travel
  • Work from home options
  • Travel to cool cities
  • In-house gaming & sound systems
  • Pet Friendly
  • The team here is the best & because of that we’re able to pull of some kick ass projects

If this all sounds like something you would be into then please send in your resume.

Are you in?

Thank you,


Job Type: Part-Time

Job Types: Part-time, Temporary, Internship, Contract

Salary: $17.00 to $19.00 /hour



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