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Restaurant AV System Control
Restaurant AV System Control
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Restaurant Speaker Installation
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Restaurant CCTV System
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Restaurant AV System Control
Restaurant AV System Control


There is a special feeling when you get to start a project from the ground up. That is what Ascend Studios had the privilege of doing with The Osprey Tavern. Jason Chin, owner of Seito Sushi, wanted to bring an exciting restaurant with a twist to Baldwin Park, located in Orlando, FL. We were chosen to do all of the lighting, audio, video, and security for this amazing restaurant.

This project started out as a gutted space located in the heart of Baldwin Park. We had the opportunity to watch it grow into the sophisticated restaurant it is now. The initial wire run was great because we were able to utilize the location of the equipment in the space. Using Crestron control systems, we were able to link the lighting, audio, and video all to our customized Osprey Tavern branded iPad app.

Our lighting system design includes over 100+ LED, halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, and Edison bulbs. The audio system rocks with 46 speakers/subwoofers. The bar area has 3 LED televisions with our custom fabricated ultra slim mounts. The televisions are connected to cable boxes located in the control room rack. All of the lighting settings, music playlists, volume levels and TV channels are controlled from our branded iPad app. Our programmers worked hard to transform a complex system into a clean and easy to use interface for the client, all from an iPad. This empowers Osprey to set that perfect upscale lounge vibe that helps define the new restaurant. Of course, Osprey Tavern has our 24/7 help desk monitoring system for our signature remote support. As a partner, this service is free for the life of their system.

Osprey Tavern’s menu includes a wide variety of delicious farm to table dishes that changes with the seasons. The bar serves a selection of craft beers and plenty of craft cocktails. Make sure to check it out! You can make a reservation here.


  • Powerful DSP system with custom programming
  • Full range in-ceiling speakers
  • In-ceiling subwoofers
  • Choices of Background music, TV sound, or Stage music
  • Six independently touch controlled audio zones
  • Six independently touch controlled lighting zones
  • Control LED, halogen, fluorescent, incandescent, and Edison bulbs
  • Custom themed iPad app for complete system control
  • Wall mounted touch panel for easy to access lighting control
  • Automatic scheduling of both lighting and audio
  • Complete fully managed networking including WAPs and guest WiFi
  • Three LED TVs with custom made mounts
  • iPad controlled cable boxes
  • 16 zone HD security camera system with mobile app
  • Free 24/7 Ascend Studios helpdesk app access and support

615 Herndon Ave Suite A
Orlando, FL 32803

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