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Loews Annapolis

90`` Commercial Grade HD Display

Project Features

  • 90″ Commercial Grade HD Display
  • Network enabled HD media player
  • Seamless video switching b/t cable, Blu-Ray, Media Player
  • Custom themed iPad app for full system control
  • Free 24/7 Ascend Studios Helpdesk support

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Our team traveled to Loews Hotel Annapolis for the installation of Sharp’s incredible 90” LED professional grade display and iPad control system. Unlike the consumer model, this display is built to last. It’s designed to be turned on and left on; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year while looking stunning.

Along with this beautiful 1080p HD display, our team has included a digital signage player. Our player allows the hotel to add graphic layers on top of any video feed, such as a cable box. This feature is great for promotional content like upcoming events or drinks specials at the lobby bar. We can even create custom content for large groups or special events for a personal experience.

Our programmers designed a themed control system that runs off an iPad mini. This easy to use controller allows team members to select between both video and audio sources to be displayed on the professional grade 90” screen.

We even added an IP camera that gives our 24/7 helpdesk team a LIVE view of the display for lightning fast support. We also use the IP camera to view our custom created content that we upload from our offices in Orlando to make sure everything looks perfect. No more waiting on a costly tech visit to fix software issues.

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