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Cocina 214

We installed over 10 displays, 30 speakers & subs, and a full rack of advanced hardware to control it all.

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Client Cocina 214 Services Year 2017


Cocina 214 offers the most delicious Mexican and Tex-Mex food in Daytona Beach. Our team installed over 10 displays, 30 speakers & subs, and a full rack of advanced hardware to control it all.

The audio system was designed to provide a full and rich sound, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere. The system is powered by an advanced digital signal processor, which enables the Cocina 214 team to control the audio source or volume levels in any of the 8 individual audio zones.

The video system was designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind. The Cocina 214 team can send any combination of the video sources to any of the displays, all with a simple tap of a button. Each of the displays are mapped out in an easy-to-use diagram for quick reference. We also included individual control and presets for 4 cable boxes, ensuring that the right channel is always just a button press away.

Our team also included over 30 indoor and outdoor security cameras, to ensure maximum coverage and safety.

The entire system is controlled using four custom branded touchpanels. Our custom branded app provides full control of the entire system and includes tons of presets and automation to make control of the audio and video a breeze.


  • Large Scale Audio / Video Installation
  • Custom Branded Touchpanel interface
  • 4 Tabletop Touchpanels control entire system
  • Eight indoor & outdoor displays
  • Single power button for all displays
  • Matrix video routing of 4 sources to any display
  • Individual control of 4 cable boxes
  • Over 40 indoor & outdoor speakers
  • Full control of volume levels and audio sources
  • 8 independent audio zones
  • Over 30 HD indoor & outdoor security cameras
  • Premium 24/7 HelpDesk Partner


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