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Hard Rock Hotel

We installed a gorgeous 3×3 video wall for our friends in the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Studios Orlando. The video wall is made up of nine 55″ video wall displays and is a great centerpiece within the beautiful, newly-renovated lobby.

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Client Hard Rock Hotel Services Year 2014, 2016


We designed and installed a gorgeous 3×3 video wall for our friends in the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Studios Orlando. The video wall is made up of nine 55″ video wall displays and is a great centerpiece within the beautiful, newly-renovated lobby.

All nine of the ultra thin bezel displays receive their power and data remotely. Every hardware item, including the video wall processors, power supplies and video sources, are stored in a rack room on the other side of the hotel. All data and power is provided to the displays from the hardware in the rack room using heavy duty cat-5 cable. This design prevented the hotel from having to run new power lines to the displays, saving a lot of money for our client. Additionally, storing the video wall hardware next to the hotel-wide audio / video hardware enabled us to merge our systems. The video wall sources can be seen or heard from anywhere in the hotel.

Ascend Studios provides custom branded iPad apps to control all of our systems. The customized Hard Rock Hotel app controls the video wall as well as the hotel’s entire audio / video system. We completely updated Hard Rock Hotel’s existing control system and touch panel design, adding tons of new features including: integrated help files, updated audio / video zone layouts, improved Wi-Fi signal strength, HD graphics, and full video wall controls. All of these features, and more, come with real time feedback and easy access to our help desk support app.

At Ascend Studios we approach every system with our clients in mind, from start to finish. All of our partnered clients have unlimited access to our 24 / 7 help desk support app and remote monitoring system, completely free. The remote monitoring system includes an HD camera and a computer loaded with the Ascend Studios Help Desk software suite.

Our remote monitoring system is the best in the industry and allows us to address issues right away, from anywhere in the world. When the hotel calls us with a question, we login into our secure Help Desk software portal to check and troubleshoot all of the active system settings, the LIVE feed of what’s displaying on the video wall and other relevant data. We can even listen to the music playing in the lobby (“I think the problem is that you have Creed playing…”). We take service seriously; the Ascend Studios Help Desk is another example of how we’re so different from other A/V companies!

Hard Rock Hotel’s lobby renovation is absolutely stunning, stay at this world class hotel and check it out yourself! Make sure to grab a drink by the pool and take in the sweet tunes from our DJ / speaker system that we completed earlier this year.

A/V System

Our team of system designers created and installed an updated audio control and management system for the entire hotel including a massive pool area, five ballrooms and all public areas of the hotel. We first removed more 21 processors, computers, mixers and hundreds of feet of wires from the original 1999 installation.

We then installed our preprogrammed DSP processors and Crestron control system. We preformed the entire switch over in one night to minimize any guest inconvenience. The hotel’s 96 audio zones were without music for less then three hours and live by 5am for the next days events. This Media Matrix powered DSP upgrade provided the hotel with a fully customizable system that allows super easy updates and scalability with their audio system.

This provides system-wide audio EQ, leveling, compression, protection limiters as well as individual zone controls. The entire design is controlled with an Apple iPad in conjunction with a large 10” touch screen that is mounted within the rack. The touch panel was designed to fit the beautiful theme of the Hardrock Hotel.

As all of our systems, this was designed with service and support in mind. Our team of 24/7 help desk technicians can provide remote login support for immediate troubleshooting. This will be a huge cost saver throughout the life of the system. Response time will be in minutes, as opposed to the length of time it would take to schedule a tech and wait for him to arrive on site for the repair.


Video Wall

  • Nine 1920×1080 HD video wall panels
  • Remote power and video connections
  • Custom themed iPad app for system control
  • Works with six cables boxes, bluray player and music video server
  • Full integration with the current hotel’s audio / video system
  • Additional high output full range speakers and subs
  • Local video DJ HDMI input at the video wall
  • Free 24/7 Ascend Studios helpdesk app access and support

A/V System

  • Updated / Installed entire AV System
  • Includes Pool, Five Ballrooms and All Public Areas
  • Custom themed iPad app for system control
  • Removed all outdated hardware from 1999 installation
  • 96 Controllable zones
  • System down for less than 3 hours
  • Advanced System-Wide Audio EQ
  • 10″ Rack Mounted Touch Screen