Our creative design team can complete a stunning video wall for your chain or location of any size or configuration. We can create a long, 1 ft. x 90 ft. video wall spanning your entire hotel lobby or artistic video wall tile mosaics that become a statement of your brand. Need a fully programmable interactive video wall 20 ft. wide and 5 stories high? If you can dream it… we can build it.

Our video walls can display your current media files or custom, interactive media. We can even “pull the outdoors in” with live camera footage from the roof or sidewalk of your location with all-weather iPad remote controlled cameras. Want to bring that poolside waterfall into the lobby or restaurant? Done!

We approach each video wall with the guest experience in-mind. How will they feel in the space? We want their jaw to drop. Will they want to purchase a ticket to latest attraction shown on the video wall or bring the whole family to the video wall for a picture? Every installation has a different goal and we can deliver your solution anywhere in the world. Set up your free video wall confidential consultation today.

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We have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest and best clients in the world to deliver state of the art Audio / Video & digital signage solutions. We are trusted to innovate and deliver completely new concepts to the industry, whether you need installation and support for basic distributed Audio / Video systems or a custom designed immersive sound and art feature for your restaurant chain, shop or world class hotel.

We design custom media players with full cloud management systems for each installation. We also offer full remote access and support for all of our client systems. This allows our 24/7/365 HelpDesk team to remotely log in and troubleshoot problems in minutes instead of hours or days. We are experienced experts with everything from menu boards to large video walls or even massive outdoor LED walls. If you want to add that “wow” factor that sets your location above all the rest, set up a free confidential consultation today and watch us bring your vision to life!

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We stand by our systems! Our amazing 24/7 help desk team supports all of our installed systems, COMPLETELY FREE.

All of our systems are engineered for long term use and service. To help achieve this, each system comes with remote support software that provides our engineers with direct access to the system and notifies us when an issue arises. This means that we can rapidly resolve issues before the client is even aware something is wrong. The other guys will happily create expensive “service contracts” to support their systems that offer half of the features we do.

We believe that’s nuckin’ futs! If you design the system then stand by it, period.

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