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A personal letter from our founder, Josh Almeida.

Like everyone else on our co-owned planet, life has been intense and seems to only get worse by the day. Today it feels like we’re battling each other on all fronts. Things feel overbearing. Typically, our country moves through waves, rising up to focus on a single issue at a time. Now we’re continuously dividing ourselves over issues like politics, racism, sexism, wage gaps, global warming, immigration, healthcare, and the legal justice system. It’s all very scary and it’s a lot to walk through.

So what the hell is going on and where do we go from here? Are we doomed to end up like the Romans? We see hate on almost all the screens we look at throughout the day. For many, it feels like our country is approaching the tipping point and things are only getting worse, but that’s not how I see it. I see hope and such a bright future.

I have chosen to believe that we have been in this transformational period within not only our country, but the entire world itself for a while now. We’re evolving and expanding our minds outside of just our personal bubbles of life experience and it’s so exciting! 

Over the years I’ve learned that everything in life comes down to perception. Always. How you perceive the world and how others perceive their world is what makes us, us. We shape our governments, jobs, interactions and relationships all on this idea that we understand how the world works and what the real “truth” is. Our proud egos love defining the world because it gives the feeling of control and people feel calm when they feel in control. It’s the feeling I get while writing this, like I’m sharing something important and I’m not gonna lie, my ego is digging it. So let me share my ego’s thoughts on all of this… 

When the pandemic hit, I felt myself launch into survival mood. I was caught up in the fear of it all. I mean hell, the world was doing a good job of scaring the hell out of us. Thinking back to it now, I can still feel the fear shake up my spine and the need to go order more supplies. Then like all tragedies, you see people working to exploit while others spring into action to support and give love. This outpouring of love – our fellow humans supporting humanity – showed me how truly powerful love is.

This moment is a turning point, where we stand up and fight back against the opportunists of the world who make it very hard for love to shine freely and openly. The exciting thing is that people are in the streets fighting for it. Fighting for the right to be seen. Fighting to be heard. Fighting for the right to be loved just like everyone else in the world. The oppressors of the world like to keep people in their neat little boxes so they know who to love, who to sell to and who to exploit. For love to shine through the darkness, we have to fight for it. We all need a seat at the table. To feel as worthy as the person next to us. We need to be seen and heard to feel valued. Without complete openness and love, our society experiment will continue to spin out of control. 

I have the belief that the pandemic is our wake-up call. It’s an alarm from the universe telling us, all together, that we’re on the wrong path. The time of operating by corruption and self interest is over. The pandemic gave us the light to see how bad things have become. We have seen the massive effects of erosion within our government and corporate systems in real time. They can’t hide anymore, we see them exposed and working hard to slip things back into the darkness. But now that we have seen it, we can act. Our collective society is waking up. We’re creating our new normal that is far beyond just social distancing. I believe hate is losing a lot of ground and love is taking over.

The transition is real, it’s happening and inspiring. People are in the streets fighting for love. Fighting for good. Fighting for a new and better future. 

The pandemic was the great equalizer. It touched and affected everyone all over the world. It gave us the gift of hitting pause collectively on our entire species, something I don’t believe has happened during our modern world. That pause removed so many people from their jobs, friends and family. It removed our perception of the world and hit us with the cold, hard facts of reality. It gave people time to be still and to reflect. Almost like meditation. In the stillness combined with facing mortality, our minds opened up with simple questions from “Do l really like my job?”, “I’m I surrounding myself with good people?” To bigger questions like “Is this what I want for my life?”, “How can I make things better in the world?” This is the kinda magic that shakes the snow glob of our thoughts to shift our brain. It’s this gift that shifts a person’s perception of the world and how it could be moving forward with love. 

We’re doing it! I’m so excited about our future as a country and as a species. People are seeing what humanity was supposed to be and they’re fighting to restore a true sense of community. To see the poison of corruption and return love as our driving force.  

In this moment, I invite you to believe with me. Believe with me that we’re simply in a time of transition and love is winning. People in the streets are fighting for their love and equal place in the world. Believe that we’re all shifting ourselves toward the right path, towards love. Remember that change is really hard and often painful, but when you shift your perception to notice that we’re all fighting for love, you’ll start to see it’s the only way forward. You’ll also start to see the moments of love happening all around and on the news. It’s there and we’re moving in the right direction, we just have to keep the momentum of love pushing us forward. 

I choose to believe in love, what about you? 


Sending love to all of those fighting for change in your own way and working to level us all of us up to a better world. One filled with light and love.  Thank you. We’re with you. 

Love, Josh


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