InfoComm is the biggest convention in the U.S. when it comes to showcasing new and exciting technology in the Audio / Video industry.

This year, the convention is taking place in Las Vegas and there are tons of new goodies that we’re excited about:


Lamp Free Projectors

Casio unveiled an entire line of lamp free projectors this week. A standard projector will become dim over time as the lamp wears out and ultimately, must be replaced. New projection lamps are costly and difficult to replace, especially if the projector is mounted out of reach. Casio’s new lamp free projectors use a combination of laser and LED lighting to create a bright and vibrant image. We’re very excited about the cost saving potential of these new projectors. Read more about Casio’s new lamp free projectors here.

Ultra Thin Bezels

Panasonic announced an entire line of exciting new displays, cameras and projectors this year. The new VF1H series of professional video wall displays has got us excited with its impressive 1.8mm bezel width. This series includes 55″ super-bright 700 nit displays, designed for energy-efficient 24/7 use. We’re very excited to see these displays in action later this year.