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Hard Rock Hotel, Daytona

We have been working with our friends at the Hard Rock Hotel in Daytona for years and this year we did a full DSP, control system take over! When they opened back in 2018, they had another AV company design and install their AV system but once the project was done, their Helpdesk support wasn’t the best so they reached out to Ascend to replace the entire DSP control system as well to redesign all of their touch panel interfaces to make things easier and more streamlined for the operations team.

Our focus was to only replace the hardware absolutely necessary to keep costs low. We only had to swap two items to take control of the resort wide system, saving the hotel thousands. Our programmers and designers also worked hard not only to make a more streamlined user interface but also created a bunch of control Macros, so the ops team just hits one button to change music, volume and zone selections across the entire hotel. When Ascend designs our QSYS QSC control systems (or any other control systems) we do a lot more programming than other AV companies do so make the user interface super simple. This can be really difficult because we’re joining together multiple types of technology systems together into one interface. It’s hard! Lol.

Our design team has one rule when designing our control systems. If someone can use a smart phone, then they should be able to use our custom design control system. It’s more work on our part but helps our clients avoid having to bounce between multiple pages and button presses to make something happen. Ease of use is the name of the game.

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Client Hard Rock Hotel, Daytona Services Year 2023


We did a full DSP, control system redesign for the Hard Rock Hotel in Daytona. We added a ton of features and streamlined their touch panel interfaces to make things easier for the operations team.



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